Easy Design With Scotch Tape

Hey everyone,
I saw this awesome way to use scotch tape, again. You can cut the tape into different designs and not mess up your Mani. Just remember to make sure that your nail polish is dry before you put on your tape design or else you will mess up your perfect Mani. No girl wants that, check it out and give it a whirl but keep it unforgettably simple. 🙂

Here is the Step-By-Step tutorial:


One thought on “Easy Design With Scotch Tape

  1. (Formal critique for our class…)

    This is an interesting idea for a blog. And, you have included some very nifty tips. Initially, I’d only seen your most recent tip about masking with tape..something that I will probably try…but, I just saw the externally-linked tip about making designs on tape, and that seems neat, too (though, I wonder how long it takes to dry on that surface–once, I painted something with nail polish, and it stunk for days :-S).

    Your blog entries are friendly, and easy to understand. (However, I think that on your one about your Valentines’ Day nails, you said that you were going to post later about how they were done, and I don’t think that you did [unless it’s on that other site].)

    For the Valentines’ nails entry, I would suggest using a different picture (better lit and taken from a little further away, I think). The lighting and closeness make it look a little eerie, and it’s hard to see the details well.

    I like that you included a bit in your bio about your dogs, and their picture…That’s nice. 🙂 I love spending time with My Pets, as well! 🙂 And, I think that your comment bubbles look neat, and was impressed by the “Contact” page form as I do not know how to make one of those.

    Even though I’m a bit of a “tomboy”, I found some interesting tips on your page. I will, probably, take out some of my vegan nail polishes sometime later this week and try that masking trick–because I was definitely intrigued (I often spruce up colors with a glitter top coat and such, but sometimes have trouble when I try to neatly do tips). I’ve come up with some neat tricks for things in my day (I used to use washable markers to make different colored stripes in my hair when I was in about Jr. High). Anyway, sorry for the long-windedness, but I wanted to give a thorough critique. This is a nice-looking blog, and something that many people would enjoy visiting and get helpful tips from (it seems that you have a compilation of tips of your own and things that you have discovered on other sites, which makes it more comprehensive).

    I wonder if you plan to continue this after the semester…I think that you definitely could.

    ~*Kristin Star*

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